The Secret Garden Review

The Secret Garden is a new film base on a classic novel and is a new adaptation of the story. Giving us a new take on a wonderful story. We follow the story of a young girl sent to live with her uncle after her mother’s passing. She is sent to live in a new place with unfamiliar people and rules. She now must learn simple things fast she is not a princess here.

She is giving rules to follow and to not explore the house only where she allowed to but what child will stick to those rules. She finds a dog that she is unsure of she warms up to him. While exploring the land she stumbles into a Secret Garden. A place of wonder and magic to her she also finds her cousin a kid bout her age that has lived a hard life. A father that has him like the boy in a bubble believing he is sick and hunched back like his father.

Slowly they become friends and she opens up about the garden with the help of a friend outside the house they bring him to the garden.  Uncovering who their mothers were and the hurt they all still felt after the loss of them. Having to faces the loss and starting to heal they truly learn of the magic the garden hold and the healing powers within it.

A fresh and lovely take on this classic novel set to stunning cinematography and beautiful directing. Make this film a must watch and own for any fans of the novel. A family film to enjoy together in an uncertain time a story good for the soul. Out now on Digital and Blu-ray from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.