The Right Offs Share New Album, “Bardo” Out now!!

The Right Offs share their new album today titled Bardo! A fast, hard hitting experience the band from New Haven, Connecticut will sizzle you a random tattoo on your arm. You will be taken on a rollercoaster of musical elements where you will twist and turn in delight with each favorable song. The songs I have enjoyed have been Parlor Tricks, Roses Cut From Black, Sometimes Friends are Near and of course my absolute fav is Post Bone Savvy. Be sure to have your seat belt on, its going to a bumpy ride with this album.

Give the ticket to the operator to take a ride now so press play!

listen here:

Press Release:

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, they quickly built a hometown reputation as a vital and unforgettable live act as they have been named one of the Best Emerging New England artists of 2017 and their intensity has only grown from there with their high octane performances. The Right Offs are a trio who consistently channel all the joy, grit, and energy they can muster into their epic and unique brand of rock. Out front, the bold and soulful vocals of singer/songwriter/guitarist Maxwell Omer are instantly memorable. Max is backed up by the dynamic rhythm and resonance of Than Rolnick on bass and Bob Rock on drums. Their last release Live at the 9, is an unsparing live set captured at a storied hometown venue. It’s a resounding affirmation of the trio’s core strength: the skill and explosive presence they bring to a stage. It’s also a prequel to another leap forward, a snapshot of a band positioned for their next challenge.
The Right Off’s “Bardo” is out via all digital outlets today.