The R Train Cover “Dear Mr. Fantasy” Music Video Out Now!

The R Train Band Cover “Dear Mr. Fantasy” Music Video out now! With my fist pumping in the air, I jam to this rendition of Dear Mr. Fantasy by The R Train Band. I’m enjoying this song as the band gives this song some sweet justice. The video is fantastic which takes you on a trip out of this world for a unique experience. You feel like your traveling through a wormhole with your eyes wide open allowing yourself to capture all the visual scenes displayed. Your senses are going wild as you are shown the known, unknown and in between. The R Train have produced a clear cut song that is fun to enjoy with a sip of bourbon.

watch here:


“Mr. Fantasy is a supernatural entertainer who can distract us from the darkness, gloom, and fear that presently exist, and deliver us to the optimism, comfort, and bliss we all desire. He is a magician, a wizard, a puppeteer who can pull our heartstrings through music and song. We chose to perform ‘Dear Mr. Fantasy’ as a medicinal, spiritual inspiration to hope and happiness. The song feels like an epic journey to soaring heights, accomplished through the use of lead guitar crescendos, a plaintiff vocal, wide bass swells, and crushing power drums.” Mike Annese, drummer of The R Train