The Plot Against America HBO MAX Review

The Plot Against America is a TV Series on HBO MAX that gives you an alternate view of history. There was a war in Europe and American’s were divided on joining that war or staying away from it. The TV series focused on a Jewish American family that is living in New Jersey trying to live their lives out. They watch as their world comes crashing down throughout the series as various things happen. Instead of running to Canada like others have, they stay in their country and find ways to outlast the situation at hand in America.

This show is very fascinating as I’m a big history buff as well as wondering that big question “What If?” This series provided many answers to questions I didn’t know and introduces elements that hasn’t been seen before. I have done a small review below but if you have a chance, please binge watch this show on HBOMAX. This is pretty damn good!

Here is our review: 


  • Story
    • The story of an Alternate America that chooses Charles Lindbergh instead of Franklin D. Roosevelt as their American president is a big story. They introduce a story where Jewish Americans are fighting for acceptance as Americans while trying to figure out a leader to support. The family they focus on throughout the show give you an idea of life was in 1940’s. They give you an alternate view of what would happen when a Nazi sympathizer becomes President and why they are trying not to run away to another country. A very good story as you are looked throughout the season to find out what else happens in the show.
  • North/South View
    • A big viewpoint is when they send their son to Kentucky for the summer during the program from the Jewish leader. This was to integrate Jewish communities into the South values. Their father is a brash man and loud man that can command attention in his area in New Jersey. Once he left that area, he saw how different the world can be in the South. The family took care of his son right that summer and he learned a lot about another view of the world. When the father and son went back to rescue a family friend, they saw a different view of the South. I thought that was a good way to showcase how little we are in our country compared to how big we are in the small part of the world we call home.
  • White House Visit
    • The family took a visit to Washington, DC to see their nation’s capital but instead experienced a big wake up call. They encountered situations where even the Police wasn’t on their side while losing their reservation, being mocked in public and looked down as well. A tourism guide that they trusted to help in their trip was able to help them find a new place to stay, eat and even enjoy the sites and sounds of Washington, DC.


  • A mini Movie
    • The series finale episode I felt was rushed, I felt they could have a done a mini movie to finalize the ending of the show. I would like to know what else could have happened and how that alternate America was finally able to heal.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Plot Against America is an excellent TV Show on HBOMAX that gave you an alternate look of what could have happened in the 1940s. I saw a lot of similar ideals as a myself, a person of color growing up in the South, experienced throughout the season. The show gave you a look on how North and South viewpoints can give you a better understanding of our country. Even a trip to our nations Capital can spark a different view of how their residents view certain cultures and ethnicities. I enjoyed how the director followed the book which gave the story an excellent view in the series. Sadly, I wish it was longer possibly for a mini movie to give it that additional spark in the storyline. Either way, a good TV Show to watch for a life that could be different in our world.

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