The Pancakes Official Game Show Achieved Mastery of Silly Fun Weekly Vote at the Game Development World Championship!

The Pancakes Official Game Show by Dema Studios from Italy, has won the weekly voting on Game Development World Championship Fan Favourite category for the Silly Fun Week. The Pancakes Official Game Show is available on

“This is the Bob story. Bob likes to shake his arms and eat food but one day something unexpected will change his life forever. Bob is one of the lucky 200 participants who will compete in a crazy game show with a prize of one million pancakes! Will he win?” Dema Studios describes The Pancakes Official Game Show.

Dema Studios moves on to the next round of voting in the Fan Favourite category of the GDWC – Game Development World Championship and will meet other Weekly Vote winners in a battle for the crown at the end of the GDWC 2020 season.

2nd place was taken by You Suck at Parking by Happy Volcano from Belgium: You Suck at Parking is the world’s most EXTREME parking game, and the only racing game where the goal is to stop (probably). The game is all physics based and you drive, drift, jump and teleport through tricky courses and can even make your own tracks!

3rd place went to Nightmare Fishing Tournament (2020) by Suits N’ Nukes from USA: “A fresh corpse has arrived in the Underworld, just in time for the annual “Nightmare Fishing Tournament”. This hellish fishing competition features 16 rounds of terror as you literally fish for your life.”

The GDWC team sends congratulations to the winning team and big thanks to all Nominees and voters. The weekly votes take place each week, from Monday to Saturday and there are always six new exciting games to check out and vote for. This week’s vote is already live on the event website at

This week’s voting theme is Random Games and the nominees are:
– Happy Grumps by Happy Grumps (USA)
– Haven by The Game Bakers (France)
– Nine Witches: Family Disruption by Indiesruption
– One Shell Straight to Hell by Shotgun With Glitters (Hungary)
– Zapling Bygone by Stevis Andrea (United Kingdom)
– Zombo Buster Advance by FIREBEAST (Indonesia)

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