A deep, multi-generational hero focused mobile RPG, now available for iOS and Android

GUANGZHOU, CHINA – June 23, 2022  - Goat Games, a leader in the development and publishing of mobile games, today announced the official launch of Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, a free-to-play card-based RPG for iOS and Android that harnesses the power of bloodlines to grant players the ability to create new generations of heroes who inherit the skills and powers of their predecessors. Maintain a kingdom, negotiate peace or wage war with rival factions, and be the leader that unites the world of Lithas.

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To commemorate the game’s release, a slew of activities have been launched, all centered on the game’s unique bloodline feature. Today marks the conclusion of a special livestream event featuring the birth of the game’s very first legendary hero: The child of a Dragonborn mother and mystery father, a uniquely special occasion since the hero inherits both physical traits and skills from both parents. Fans of the game were challenged with predicting the clan of the father and a special in-game code was unlocked through their collective votes. Players will also get a chance to co-create another of these legendary heroes later this month. Marrying across clans is key to making the strongest heroes in the game, and this feature extends through generations, resulting in unique heroes with highly customized strengths and skills.

Players can even take part in a special naming contest on the game’s official Discord server to name the new hero. The winning name will appear in the next video installment following the hero’s journey, and the lucky naming winner will walk away with Fulgur, a prized and very rare Demi-God champion to use in-game. A powerful lightning mage, Fulgur masterfully harnesses the power of both powerful lightning attacks and the ability to accumulate extra Ultimate energy during battle thanks to his clan’s Thundermark trait.

Today, Goat Games’ new video release celebrates the momentous “Delivery,” the latest in a series following the journey and birth of this new legend, the unique hero to both the Dragonborn and Fulgur bloodlines.

Watch the magical birthing journey of our newest legend here:

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About Goat Games
Goat Games was established in late 2016, and was formerly the global publishing department of a top 10 publishing company in China. In recent years, Goat Games has released “War and Magic” which has won the hearts of millions of players and has repeatedly ranked at the top of the Google’s Play Store lists in many countries. But simply more than wanting to publish games, Goat Games wanted to use its talent to develop great games as well. And so, Goat Games was born.

At the beginning of 2019, Goat Games officially became an independent mobile game studio with integrated development and publishing, under the support of its parent company (Baotong Technology). The name itself reflects our pride in our home, the city of Guangzhou, also known as the Goat city, but it also expresses our commitment to creating games that will become the Greatest Of All Time.

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