The New 8-Bit Hero Review

From the rediscovery of a childhood idea long forgotten Joe Granato brings to life. A journey of epic proportions to create a video game from the minds of two eight-year-olds starts. Joe must reconnect with a long lost friend from grade school and assemble his team. To bring Mystic Searches not only to life but put it on a Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge. This will be no easy task for Joe and his team.

Joe must learn to do so much in order to finish his quest. As with any quest the road is paved with victories and tragedies for Joe and his team.

The New 8-Bit Heros is a documentary of this quest and whether you love retro video games or not this film will hook you. I as a collector of retro video games the nostalgic tone of the documentary grab me and didn’t let go. I felt a kinship with the team and wanted them to succeed in their quest.

The 8-bit Heros will show you what it takes to complete a homebrew NES cart. Not only we see Joe’s story but there’s so much information on homebrews in this film. It was great to see Joe reach out to so many great collectors, homebrewers, and well-known video game enthusiast.

You must watch to see who Joe talk’s with and helps him in his quest. Give this documentary a watch it’s more than a video game film it’s a story of a man completing his childhood dream.

A dream I feel as a kid in the NES age we all shared in one way or another. A redemption story for Joe to find this idea amongst lost dreams and ideas and projects of one’s youth.

To bring one to completion from start to finish and witness all it took to get there in this documentary. Be sure to watch the film and pick up a Blu-Ray and a copy of Mystic Searches.

As well the upcoming NES Maker a tool that was born from the of this game now on  Kickstarter.  Please check them out at the links below and help with the Kickstarter.

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