The Monster From Green Hell (1957) Film Review

The Monster from Green Hell is a film by Kenneth G. Crane starring Jim Davis, and Robert Griffen. After a group of scientists sends up rockets with aminals to space. A rocket with wasps is lost but ends up in the sea off the African coast. They paid it no mind since it landed in the sea but they did not know. That some of the wasps have survived and were terrorizing the locals.

Send a research part to investigate and find out if they are mutated. Starting a huge fight to contain these monsters deep in the green hell. These monsters are taking their toll on the people. Having to trek across Africa to get to the green hell they must deal will the wilds of Africa and the tribes. One run-in with the tribes sets them off course and leaves them without water.

A fight is instore to save the people and will a weapon be enough to stop these monsters? You’re going to have to watch it to find out how or if they can stop them. Overall I give this one a 7 out of 10 a good story and appreciation for classic horror films. The practical effects and simplicity of filmmaking in the 50s. A lost art in a way of today’s standards with CGI and digital filmmaking.