The Mandalorian Season 2 Review Disney Plus

After a fantastic introduction of Season 1 of the Mandalorian series, season 2 is much anticipated by fans for the new show! With Season 2, many fans are hoping that the Mandalorian show can bring the Star Wars franchise back into positive breathes with fans. With the trademark drums bouncing out the beat of the show’s theme, The Mandalorian held Friday’s as sacred with each new episode on Disney Plus. After the start of the first episode until the last of season 2 today, fans are left speechless. The heroics of The Mandalorian with his partner in crime The Child aka Baby Yoda takes fans on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, storyline arcs and banding together many lore’s from books and shows.

I have to admit that I would wake up at 6AM Central every Friday morning to come to the couch to watch the newest episode of the Mandalorian. I make sure there is no one around me and everyone is asleep so I can achieve total silence and full admittance into the show. Season 2 have brought into the Mandalorian so much lore of the Star Wars franchise, either gaming, Tv Shows or books that you feel that resurrection. You can feel everything coming together of years of ignored Star Wars stories that you finally feel it got its due diligence into the franchise. I don’t want to spoiler much including the heart felt season 2 ending but here is a small taste of the Mandalorian Season 2 review below. I say take the plunge and just watch all the episodes! Spoiled or not, it will still feel like something so fresh and so new that you still be surprised on what you see!

Here is our review: 


  • New Characters:
    • This is a very vague topic as many of them aren’t new characters in the Star Wars lore either in books or TV shows, but for the main screen audiences, this is new to them. I found this fascinating as the characters from multiple Star Wars lores are intertwined and introduced in various ways throughout the episodes. Such characters as Ashoka Tano, Boba Fett, and Bo-Katan.
  • Different Story Lore United:
    • Fans of the Clone Wars show, Battlefront Game, and Rebels will see certain characters and stories intertwined with the The Mandalorian show. I felt this was amazing because you actually felt this was part of the Star Wars universe instead of something that was just brushed to the side. The main films may have started the universe for Star Wars fans but the lore that followed continued the stories that have taken Star Wars to a new age. I am very glad that Disney and Jon Favreau put those stories into Season 2.
  • The Child
    • The Child aka Baby Yoda is a character many hold dear to their hearts. I haven’t seen a show in a long where fans protect that character with their heart and soul. The Child has signified a character where many want to see return to the Jedi for continued training but in my eyes, we want him to stay with the Mandalorian and lead him to a better tomorrow.



  • Grogu Name:
    • Ok, I know this was a hot topic for a bit but the name has grown on me a tiny bit. I still feel the nails on the chalkboard when talking about Grogu’s name but I think as a fan, this is just something like here is your first name but you can call me this. I understand The Child’s name is Grogu which is now fine with myself but still want him to be referred as the Child or a lesser extent Baby Yoda. I feel this name gives it a title but like all people who don’t dig their name, I’m hoping Grogu would just say when he is older: “My name is Grogu but you can call me Child, BY, or Kid.”

Rating: 10 out of 10

What Can I say? I feel this show succeed in what Star Wars movies haven’t done in many MANY YEARS! The Mandalorian is able to showcase a story that continues to grow instead of rehashing a story that they think would please fans. Fans don’t want to be pleased…they want continuity but in a way that hasn’t been seen before. The Mandalorian has taken the Star Wars franchise into a new era for generations of Star War fans. There has been so much lore written either in books, tv shows or video games that it shouldn’t have gone to the wayside. The Mandalorian was able to bridge that gap with the Lore, characters, and The Child. I know I know, The Child’s name is Grogu and that still irks my bunions. Either way, this show has united Star Wars fans to continue to feel the Force and believe that heroes new and old will rise to the occasion when is needed.

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