The Last of Us Revisited

It had been 3 years since I had last played The Last of Us and considering the next installment was right around the corner, why not stream a playthrough and remember why this game is so special and important in gaming history.  

The Last of Us was first released back on the PS3 in 2013 and has sold, in total, over 7million copies. The game had received so much positive feedback, people were wanting more. So, a year later they released a pre-qual story for Elli called Left Behind and 2 months after that release they announced, The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4. The creators and developers at Naughty Dog had made such a perfect story and gaming experience, no wonder why people have been talking about this game since day one. 


The Last of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a virus has infected most of the world’s population. You meet our main protagonist, Joel (Troy Baker), who is offered a job to escort our female protagonist, Elli (Ashley Johnson), to the Fireflies head hospital location because she may be the key to the Vaccine of this virus due to her being immune. The Fireflies are a militia group that have hopes to restoring the US government and mankind back to the way it was before the outbreak started. 

As you progress through the story, this installment feels more like a thriller movie than a game. You start to build personal relationships and feelings with the characters on screen as if they were real people. The communication that Ellie and Joel have with each other as you’re playing is like no other. They will randomly communicate to each other during slow points in the game, giving you a feel that they are more than just pixels on the screen. It feels like they are alive and communicating just like me or you would. There is even a point in the game where you feel that their bond is father, daughter relationship. 

What also brings the game together is the amazing music created by Gustavo Santaolalla. Every cut scene and every musical transition as you progress is very satisfying. You can feel and hear how much dedication they had put together. Especially at the beginning of the game it just sets the mood for the story that is about to be built.  

They game has been such a very special installment to me. Gaming did not feel the same after it had released. This game is like no other and there will never be a game that can compare to it.  Naughty Dog had always been a company to put time and effort into their work but this is a whole different level.  From the characters to the visuals, and the personal relationships that you build between Ellie and Joel is so heartwarming, and their journey together will have you at the edge of your seat every step of the way. You may even shed some tears along the way.  

As a whole this game is one of a kind and I am super excited for the second installment and see what has been going on with our main protagonists. If you have never taken the time to give this game a try, I can promise you it is a game you will come to love and appreciate. This game is 100% satisfying from the beginning to end. I would highly recommend you to play this game and share with friends and family. Also stay tuned for a full playthrough for when Part 2 becomes available next year.