The Last Kingdom Netflix Review

As a fan of history and war, I was told by many people of the internet of this show on Netflix. I have seen this show on the menu when I scrolled over to find a show previously. I should have trusted my gut instinct and seen this show a long time ago. Now, I have binged all 4 seasons including the newest season and concluded this show is amazing.

The show starts off as title character Uthred family is taking away from the invasion of Danes into their country side. These Danes then kill his family and take him in as part of their family. He grows up as a Dane but still is of Saxon descent. You watch as the pages of history are retold of how England is built from invasion from the Vikings.

I was astonished on how brutal people can be for power but when you think of it, its pretty much the same here but most don’t have honor when doing it.

IF you need a show to binge and then watch this show on Netflix and be amazed of the story of England.

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  1. I binged on the 4 seasons and now having an Uthred withdrawal. Hurry up with Season 5.

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