The Last Friend Highlights its Corgi: A Surprisingly Fierce Battlefield Ally

The Last Friend has brought in the doggo expert, T. Juan, to help coach players on their journey through the wastelands. In today’s video, T. Juan outlines his buddy, the Corgi. Due to launch on PC and consoles later this year, The Last Friend is a genre-bending mix between Beat ‘Em Up and Tower Defense. As the lone hero Alpha, you’ll rescue dozens of captured Doggos with your trusty chihuahua T. Juan by your side.
The Last Friend – Meet the Corgi
Having the right doggo friends on hand is key to surviving the hordes of vile bandits that litter the apocalypse. The Corgi offers a boost through his boundless optimism, loyalty and high spirits. Running low on health in a battle? Do not despair, the Corgi adds a massive increase to Alpha’s damage when he’s low on health  just by being around. This little guy inspires everyone to win with his fluffy butt and positive demeanor.

And, if you take Corgi to get some treats from Lupe, you’ll level up the power of your doggo friend’s abilities. A loyal friend loved by all, the Corgi is a fantastic companion to have on your side at the end of the world.

Check out all our doggo updates with T. Juan as we highlight each best furry friend in the coming weeks. You can wishlist The Last Friend on Steam. Stay tuned for all fluffy updates via The Last Friend’s official Twitter account.

About The Last Friend
When the world goes into the apocalypse, there is nothing better than best friends as company… especially when it’s an army of loyal canine companions. The Last Friend brings in an army of super-powered dogs to help players drive back the violent mutants and gangs of the apocalypse in a fun, fast-paced hybrid of Tower Defense and Beat-Em-Up.

  • Tower Defense meets Brawler with a seamless blend of genres
  • Collect Dozens of Doggos with special skills to help fight enemies
  • Survive the wasteland an upgradeable roving battle station
  • Play either alone or with a friend

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