The Junction Titan Comics Graphic Novel Review

There is a mystery in Medford of a young child going missing in 1984 but returns in 1996. His return sparks an uneasy situation as he hasn’t aged since he was found. He looks like the 11 year old child he was when he first went missing. Detective King and child psychologist Jean Symonds are working together to figure out if this is that missing child Lucas or an imposter. Lucas starts to share his diary and his stories through his writings and drawings and this takes you into a dark city called Junction City that isn’t all that is to be. Then there are the polaroid’s which give this story more gravity on what Lucas has been talking about.

I have to say this graphic novel is fantastic! I was hooked after reading the first few pages and wondering if this is really Lucas Jones that they had stumbled upon. The following chapters in the graphic novel provided an glimpse of Lucas where he had been and what he had been experiencing. Chilling is a word I would use in this graphic novel! I enjoyed the fantastic art in each chapter as you felt this was told in a child’s point of view. I enjoyed the drawings and schematics that Lucas had for the detective and the child psychologist which gave his story more realism. This is graphic novel that I hope becomes a movie or TV show because it has all the standards to continue to entertain viewers in their homes! For now, read this graphic novel to be taken to a mystery where it would have you scratching your head and wondering what is next.

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