The Institute Film Review

The Institute is a film by Hamza Zaman starring Ignacyo Matynia, Victorya Brandart, and Mark Lobene. We follow a young couple trying to have a baby. A traumatic past attempt and many Doctors and more desperate and with all hope gone. One night the husband finds a website for a place that specializes in helping to conceive. He tells his wife and convinces her to go try it out.

The Institute is a place they were not ready for a cult-like place where the doctor runs it like a cult compound.  In the middle of nowhere with some very dark secrets. The doctor has some very odd way of treating his patients and his care goes into the realm of creep. The husband starts to notices things uncovering some twisted practices. The Institute feeding the hopelessness of each woman for the doctor’s research and twisted experiments.

Overall I give this one a 6 out of 10 a good story the vibe of the Institute from the first time you see it gives off a vibe of turn back now. The cast did a great job in the cult-like vibe. The story unfolds slowly but in parts pack a punch when things come to light. This one is a mind game film where the doctor brainwashed everyone into believing he is their only hope. The way the story ends is a great twist the film is a build-up to the last 15 minutes. Be sure to check this one out and see for yourself how things end.