The ink-based strategy game straight from medieval manuscripts comes to PC and Mac OSX this century!

June 14, 2021, Anno Domini – Inkulinati from Daedalic Entertainment and Yaza Games is a strategy game where an archer’s arrows may be less effective than the gas of an ass. Become a master of living ink, grow your bestiary of fantastical and hilarious creatures based on 700-year-old illustrations, and defeat your foes with strategy and trickery. Snails fighting knights fighting donkey bards fighting rabbits with spears is just the beginning of a journey into the art and humor of the middle ages.

About Daedalic Entertainment
Daedalic Entertainment publishes and develops high-quality games for all platforms. The company has a diverse line-up of high-quality titles, including classic adventures, RPGs, and strategy and multiplayer games. With over 50 employees, Daedalic is currently developing a new line-up of innovative games across consoles, PC, and mobile platforms.
Based in Hamburg, Germany, Daedalic is one of Europe’s most acclaimed publishers and developers. With a total of 32 awards in the German Developers Award (including multiple accolades for ‘Studio of the Year’) and 12 German Computer Game Awards for genre-defining games such as Deponia, Edna & Harvey, Silence, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, The Long Journey Home, and State of Mind, Daedalic is a record holder for the two most prestigious game awards in Germany. Recent publishing hits include Barotrauma, Unrailed!, Iratus: Lord of the Dead, Partisans 1941 and more.
Daedalic is currently developing the AAA title The Lord of the Rings – Gollum. The action-adventure tells the story of Gollum from a perspective never witnessed before in any storytelling media, all the while staying faithful to the legendary books of J.R.R. Tolkien.

About Yaza Games
Yaza Games is a 5 person studio from Poland. Met by pure chance, we want to surprise you with our hand-crafted worlds that may contain a bit of absurd humour. One of us wants to do over-complicated strategies, while the rest never read tutorials. We’re currently working on our first game called Inkulinati – an ink-based strategy game straight from medieval manuscripts, where a rabbit’s bum can be deadlier than a dog’s sword.