The Hustle Blu-Ray Review

The Hustle stars Anne Hathaway (Josephine) and Rebel Wilson (Penny) two con artist who cross paths for a battle. Only to be schooled by a grandson of Medusa a legendary con artist. The town is not big enough for the two so they pick a mark and let the best win. Just they were in for a huge surprise when the mark takes them both for a huge amount of cash.  Making the con full of laughs and some great banter between the two leading ladies. A fun movie full of comedy and fun. Great for a nite with friends a bottle of wine and laughs. Out 8/20 on Blu-ray and DVD.

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  • Hitting the Mark – We’ll reveal the plans behind the film: from Anne Hathaway’s initial discussions with Jac Schaeffer and Rebel Wilson about updating the story for a modern era to Chris Addison’s collaboration with the cast to craft the comedy on set.
  • Comedy Class – Every actor in the film brings a very different comedic style to their roles. This comic clash helps sell the conflict between Josephine, Penny, and the other characters in the film.
  • Con Artists – The artists behind the camera help bring the story to life…in this case costume designer Emmer Fryer and production designer Alice Normington show off their skills.
  • Feature Commentary Director Chris Addison

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