The Game of Chess Between Charlotte and WWE

The biggest news in the wrestling world right now is the situation going on with Charlotte and WWE. When she dropped her title during the title exchange (worst idea ever to do a title exchange instead of having them drop the title to other wrestlers from brands), cause a huge rift between her and WWE. Now with many “wrestling news journalists” creating false narratives and stories they heard from her friends, there seems to be a flooded view of what is going on.

Today, I sat down and decided to write this piece of what should happen with Charlotte and WWE. This game of chess is where they will tread the needle on what should happen and how to minimize the impact of the situation. This my opinion on what should happen but lot of times, it’s what going to happen.

What Should Charlotte Do?

If I was Charlotte, I would try and talk to a journalist about the situation. I don’t know if she is under a gag order or anything such as that, but getting her side of the story out there is needed. So many opinions are being spewed, that she needs to have her side of the situation of what is going on out there. She should also reach out to talent relations about having a private meeting with Vince and other WWE higher ups to discuss her future.

What Would Charlotte Actually Do?

I think Charlotte would wait until WWE calls her for the next match and then apologize to Vince and a few others. Then, she will ask Vince if he can release her from her contract from WWE. Most likely that would be denied and there will be some foul words exchanged towards each other in private. Then, Charlotte will be escorted from the building and sent home without her title and will wait out her contract until it ends or they release her.

What Should WWE Do?

From a standpoint, you don’t want to hand over one of the biggest wrestling stars to another company either AEW, Impact, or New Japan. WWE would try and comfort Charlotte and smooth over any rough edges. WWE should give Charlotte time to relax, regain her composure and have other superstars try and talk with her. I would want here to feel more comfortable and accepted than alienated at the place she works at.

What Would WWE Actually Do?

From WWE standpoint, they would have her drop the title to a first time champion in less than 5 minutes. I would actually say possibly a 20 second match where she looks very weak in the match. Then, have her ride out the rest of her contract at home or catering so she wouldn’t go anywhere else until contract is finished.

Those are my thoughts on the situation, let me know in comments on your thoughts! Be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER!