The French startup MyEli receives the CES® 2022 Innovation Award and will be present in Las Vegas during the next edition!

A year ago, Ludivine Romary, 26 years old, was bringing her studies project to life by creating MyEli, a startup specialized in connected defense. Even before the launching of her first connected security jewel on November 22nd, MyEli was selected to receive the CES 2022 Innovation Award in Las Vegas next January!

The startup MyEli receives the CES® 2022 Innovation Award


The Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the most important show dedicated to technological innovation. It takes places every year early January (excluding 2020 because of the sanitary crisis) in Las Vegas, United States, and gathers all major high-tech companies in the world. It goes from world leaders like Google, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Microsoft, etc. to freshly hatched startups such as MyEli.


The Bordeaux-based startup was selected by a jury of members of the French Tech Bordeaux, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, and of France Export in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to be present on the Eureka Park (West TECH Hall) in Las Vegas.


Furthermore, during this edition, MyEli will be distinguished by the CES 2022 Innovation Award! Every year, the « Innovation Awards » are awarded alongside the CES. As their name implies, they reward the most innovative products. This year, the competition received a record number of 1800 applications!


The jury of experts in each sector evaluates the solutions offered according to innovation, engineering, functionality, design and esthetics criteria.

The announcement of the winners was made during the CES Unveiled in Paris which took place on October 19th in the Palais Brongniart, in the presence of French Tech participants including MyEli.



A connected security jewel which is a pleasure to wear


Contrary to other security objects available on the market, MyEli proposes a genuine connected jewel which is pleasant to wear. All at once discreet and innovative, it responds to various societal challenges, whether is harassment on the street or domestic violence. And many more revealed during the testing phase: for example to let your relatives know that you fell when you are an elderly person who lives alone, or to reassure them by letting them know that you got home safe when you are used to going for a run alone at night. In one click and thanks to a major technological innovation, this jewel allows to alert-secure and ensure protection, reactivity and serenity.


MyEli, connected defense


With MyEli, Ludivine Romary wishes to bring freedom and reassurance to all by creating a security bubble around the person in danger thanks to a connected chip which helps alerting relatives in the event of a danger, in only once click on the wrist.


1 click : alert and secure

At first, the user needs to enter their security contact numbers (from 1 to 5 persons among their relatives) in the app available on iOS and Android.


Then, if the person doesn’t feel safe, they can click once on the connected jewel in order to send an alert to the emergency contact numbers as well as their GPS position. A GPS tracking starts and the app can also trigger a sound alarm to repel the aggressor, as well as activate an audio recording through the phone. Relatives can thus assist as quickly as possible, if they are geographically close to the person in danger, or contact competent authorities. TEXTS – CALLS – CONTACTS are customizable at any moment.



2 clicks : reassure relatives

MyEli is also a reassuring jewel: by clicking twice on the connected jewel, the person can let their relatives know that they got home safely.


These jewels are connected, esthetic, at the cutting edge of technology and Made in France.


The 4 bracelets in the L’Intrépide collection are sold on for 95 including VAT.


The L’Intrépide collection, composed of two jewels, one silver bangle and one gold half-bangle half-chain, at the cost of 95€, will thus be available in time for the holiday season. And considering a high demand for men and young adults jewels, a new collection has been launched.

On social media : @myelifr


About MyEli : MyEli was born during the studies project of the 26 year-old founder Ludivine Romary. With her friends, as many other young women, they were used to tell each other « Send me a text when you are home ok » when separating. While reflecting about the creation of a startup in the context of this project, Ludivine wished to imagine an object that she could use in her daily life without constraints, which offers security as well as a response to the major societal issue of insecurity. The project could have stopped at the end of her studies but Ludivine realized that her connected jewel responded to a real need and decided to venture into entrepreneurship by commercializing it. Therefore, she is now developing the MyEli brand along with her associate and electronics engineer, Fabien Blancafort, CTO of MyEli.