The Falconeer Nintendo Switch Review

A game where you controlled a flying bird and shoot at various other factions? If you told me that a while back, I would have gawked and said that wouldn’t work. Well today, I’m here saying this is one of my favorite games on the Nintendo Switch! A fun and exciting open world game called The Falconeer!

I was able to download this game pretty fast on my Nintendo Switch. I took my popcorn bowl out filled with of course pop corn and had my vitamin water filled with ice. It was time to play the game and of course have some fun!

Here is the review:


  • Beautiful Game World
    • The game world is so damn beautiful! I was shocked on how well the animators and designers did on creating a life like world. I can feel like I can taste the air whenever I’m flying. A very well done adventure!
  • Maneuvering Flying Animals
    • Ok, I have to admit I was skeptical on controlling flying animals in the game. I thought it wouldn’t be fun but I was way wrong. This is pretty damn fun! The controls are so smooth and easy to use. You can also upgrade your birds throughout the game and I’m digging that!
  • Upgrading
    • I love to upgrade! I love to see what else is out there to customize the features in the game. There are so many new features that you can use for upgrades that its nuts! Dig it hard!


  • Dying and Restarting Missions
    • When I died while doing missions, I had to start all over again. I didn’t like that, I was hoping for a check point but redoing it was tough as some missions can be long.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Get The Falconeer on Nintendo Switch here: