A collection of personal stories come to life on the big screen! Dante Basco writes and directs a film that is close to his heart. This film features his family members such as his mom, dad, brothers, sisters and more! Dante also showcases his Filipino roots in this film as well. This gives viewers a look at cultural food, lifestyles and of course partying with his family.

We were able to get an exclusive screening of Dante’s film with his brother and it is fantastic! The Fabulous Filipino Brothers is a heart felt look into the lives of 4 brothers that are very different yet exactly the same. Together, they make things happen for themselves and their families while learning more about themselves in this movie.

We did a short review below but we have to say: Click the link below and watch it! Our words just offer a glimpse of how fantastic this movie is from Dante and his family! We enjoyed it hard!


  • Story
    • The movie starts off as the brothers coming home to a wedding where they arriving as fast they can. Then, story takes us back a few days before the wedding and how it all got there. The brothers came together to find ways to get the wedding going and Each brother had a difficult task. We saw how each brother had to go through a situation they didn’t want to but found the courage to do so in order to help himself and his family succeed in the situation. I’m still SPEECHLESS!
  • Philippines
    • I enjoyed Dante’s part where he journeyed back to the Philippines to see his culture. He met someone from his past there which conveyed as something that he missed as well. I saw this as sometimes we forget our past because we become so busy on what is in front of us. We need to look back and cherish the memories and the ideals our grandparents and more had for us growing up. These are stories that we can share with our own children and their children as well.
  • Filipino heritage
    • I enjoy watching films and hardly have seen many Filipino type films that showcase not only their culture but their traditions. I thought this was a fantastic insight by Dante for viewers to learn more about Filipinos through food, art, love and family.



Rating: 10 out of 10

Watch movie here: