The End of Blindness Review

The End of Blindness is a powerful look into the unnecessary blindness in Ethiopia. In a documentary by A.J Martinson, we follow the story of Dr. Samuel Bora as he helps the blind. The main cause of blindness there is cataracts and are crippling their lives. Dr. Samuel is the only ophthalmologist for millions making this a huge problem.

A very in-depth look into how devastating this crisis how it affects the lives of millions. From the loss of work to the hardships it has on families as the children now must be their eyes. Taking them away from being a child. The help of  Dr. Larry L. Thomas and his foundation give Dr. Samuel the funding and equipment needed to help so many.

A very powerful look into this crisis gives us the viewer a first-hand look into what life is like for these people. A well-done documentary and a must-watch for everyone to see. Will be available on VOD November 16 from Passion River Films.