The Element – Whirlwind FX

This year we were able to attend PAX East in Boston and as a gamer and twitch streamer I have been able to experience so many different types of keyboards. All I have to say that the Element Mechanical Keyboard is absolutely a game changer.  

First off let me by saying that this keyboard feels so comfortable and their wrist rest give so much support. I have never had a product that I was able to get comfortable with so quickly. This product is if Cougar + Corsair had a baby. The keys caps of this product have smooth edges and easy to click with their Cherry Red Switches. The front frame is made of a thick Aluminum and the back has a Carbon Fiber design that just stands out from other products.  

The Element is fully lit with RGB throughout the whole keyboard. If you wanted to change it up, you can purchase different caps that they have on their website. It also comes with a high-quality braided cable with a USB connection. The one feature main feature that stands out is that it takes the display from your monitor and displays it onto the keyboard giving you an RGB party of a life time.  

They have also been able to create, what they call Game Extensions. What these extensions do is recognize what game you are playing and the in-game events will project itself onto your Keyboard. As an example, if you were to play a Battle Royale than it would be able to recognize when the circle is closing. You take damage or heal yourself; the keyboard would react to the actions that are taken in the game to give you more of an experience.  

Whirlwind has also been able to create its own Hue, that way you would be able to customize your keyboard to your liking. Sometimes I feel that the Hue is a little buggy. If I were to change the display on my keyboard, I found that it sometimes does not respond the first time so I would have to close the program and re-open it.  

My overall experience has been absolutely fantastic. I have officially switched out my current keyboard, Corsair K68 for the Element Keyboard. I am literally that impressed with this product. I love coming home to know I have such a unique product that I use on a daily and that looks beautiful. Strong build, cherry switches, and bright RGB with a comfortable wrist rest. What more can anyone ask for? 

Thank you, Whirlwind, for this experience and giving us the opportunity to test out your new keyboard and we are very impressed on what you have created. We approve of this keyboard and hope you will not be disappointed, because we aren’t. All the links to whirlwind will be down below and if you choose to pick one up tell them that DTS sent you! Keep gaming my friends!