The Doors Are Open For Fandemic Tour Houston

The walk from the parking lot to NRG Park was getting us excited for the convention. We were discussing our itinerary as we ventured through the masses of cosplayers following us to the entrance of the park. We discussed which celebrity to meet, which vendor to see and which cosplayers we should focus on. Once we got our passes and inside the convention, those plans were thrown out and we were part of an experience that we had no words for.

This is Fandemic Tour’s first show in Houston and it didn’t feel like a first year show. We had production values that rival the conventions that have been doing it for years. The layout was quite simple and was able to attract many fans to check out everything that the convention had to offer.


Michael Rooker Panel

We were able to attend as media to the Michael Rooker panel and one word could describe it: AWESOME. He told stories of his acting career talking about the movies from his past such as Henry to movies of his present which is Guardians of the Galaxy.  He was able to walk around the crowd and answer any questions the fans had for him. He was very friendly and had a fun demeanor at the panel.


Christina McDaniel Cosplay

I am a huge fan of cosplayers and cosplays and this convention didn’t disappoint on that. We saw so many people cosplay at the convention. We saw very imaginative cosplays that I had no words for showcased at Fandemic Tour.  I was even able to see  some friends in their cosplay creations as well. We will be posting more pictures of all the cosplays we saw at the event on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Give it a like and check it out. We were able to catch up with our friend Christina Mcdaniel and see her awesome cosplay at the convention.

Twitch Partner Tenpai Geeking at Toynk Toys Booth

The vendors at attendance at Fandemic had some really cool items. We saw some cool light sabers being sold, we saw posters of the celebs being sold and we even saw Twitch Partner Tenpai go wild at the Toynk Toys booth. He sure did love seeing all the cool anime and Nintendo products on hand. There was the original Batmobile there for photographs and I almost sucked in my breath to yell… I AM BATMAN. Yet,  I took control myself and enjoyed the view of seeing an iconic feature in our culture there.

Fandemic Tour provided a fun and joyful atmosphere not only for the guests but for the attendees for the convention. I never had so much fun at an convention in many years. We were able to shake Norman Reedus’s hands and talk to him, we gave hugs to Michael Rooker, Jason David Frank, Chris Sullivan and of course Hacksaw Jim Duggan. When you have the chance, go to Fandemic, see the celebs, talk to them and thank them. They talked to every fan and seemed to enjoy that they were able to make the trip out to Houston for Fandemic.

A first year con is thrown out the window just like my plans, this con is memories that will be cherished for life. Didn’t have to be planned but being there with the crowd and guests, is something I will never forget.