The Deep Ones Film Review

The Deep Ones an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation film from Chad Ferrin starring Kelli Maroney, Gina La Piana, Robert Miano, and Johann Urb. A couple going on their second honeymoon rent a seaside Airbnb. From a couple that is a part of a seaside community that is like no other. For Petri and Alex, things are about to change forever. Russel and his wife welcome the couple into their home and are oddly over-friendly. Unknown to Alex and Petri they just rented a home in a seaside cult that follows Cthulhu a sea God.

Things are not what they seem in this home and we quickly learn that Russel and this seaside cult have an agenda. Petri is hooked into Russel from the get-go and while Alex is more on the weary side of what’s going on. Leading to Petri drinking kool-aid of this cult and not even knowing it. Put themselves in a bad spot. Even with the warning of Ambrose (Kelli Maroney), a former seaside community member who is looking for her daughter warns Alex to no avail.

The Deep Ones for me was a creepy film and I enjoyed it deeply. When I say creepy it’s due to what the cult would do to lure their next members I would say. The use of Airbnb was brilliant and the tech in the house with hidden cameras everywhere. Makes me want to check next time I rent an Airbnb to be on the safe side. Story-wise for me, it worked as a fan of Lovecraft it always great to see his work turn into a film. I did not go into full details of the story not to spoil it but one must watch and see.

For what would be called a B-movie this one is a good one in my book. The casting was amazing the lead roles are spot on in the couple to Russel (Robert Miano) he made the film complete in the way he brought Russel to life in the film. Ambrose (Kelli Maroney) also even with a small role it has a huge impact on the film’s story and she gave a great one. I got a chance to talk with her over Zoom about The Deep Ones. She gave an inside to the film casting and so much more and for fans of Kelli, there are a few easter eggs hidden in the film about Kelli. Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Overall I give this one an 8 out of 10 for a great story an amazing cast. It may not be a huge Hollywood blockbuster film but delivers where other horror films do not. The easter eggs in the film I feel true horror fans will pick up fast. THE DEEP ONES will have a limited US release across Drive-in and independent theaters beginning April 23rd before a June digital release across North America.

Here is my interview with Kelli