The Church in the Darkness Quick Review

The Church in the Darkness storyline was what got me the cult church and the warped sense of right. Their beliefs and what the leaders think is what God wants. I was have hooked the game takes place in a South American jungle where Rebecca and Isaac Walker build the church and compound. The members are brainwashed and their letters and interactions with the outside are watched and limited. You are hired to go find  Alex the nephew you’re hired to find.

Gameplay in this one is good and you must infiltrate the compound to find him. No easy task as the compound is heavily guarded you must sneak in and blend into the place. There are different levels of difficulty for every play style. The game is challenging to say the least and it changes as you play. A heavy stealth game and know when to hide or fight. Some of the members are willing to talk and give clues to finding Alex.

Out on all platforms give this one a try it won’t disappoint and see if you can help Alex.