The Boys Season 2 Finale With Links Review

Season 2 for the The Boys has been all over the place as various character subplots are thrown into the episodes. After the first 3 episodes that one Friday, Amazon Studios released an episode every Friday to extend the show longer. Which I enjoyed waiting every Friday, the wait made it worth it. The subplots for the characters thrown in made the ending just so much better!

The Season 2 finale threw no punches and came out shooting to the gills, no pun intended for Deep fans. After the horrible situation at the House meeting, infomercials of how to survive a supe attack has came out. Many people believed the supe terrorists will attack and it will be up to Homelander to again save the day. Then Becca escapes the compound and finds Billy The Butcher and the team. They are create a plan to save her son from the clutches of Homelander and Butcher, does what he does and has his own side plan. Hughie and Starlight find out who really is Stormfront with some information provided by an unlikely ally. The last 20 minutes of the show will have you gasping for air, gasping for your nearest pillow, and you will smile with pride. I know this is a review but you have to see it to believe it! I can’t wait for Season 3 of the Boys and want to see what is next for the team!

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