The Boys on Amazon Prime TV Show Review

When I first heard of this show, I thought “Oh No, are they doing a fun comic book show?” So I avoided it until fans of Drop The Spotlight kept recommending this show to me. So I gave it the chance and sat down to watch the show on my Amazon Prime account.

This show is like lifting the curtain on corrupt super heroes that care about fame and money while showcasing a story between good and evil. Those two terms “good and evil” are thrown around in this show as we watch the characters stories unveil themselves. The show starts out with Hughie with his girlfriend Robin talking and then she explodes. She is ran over by superhero A-train and it destroys the mindset of Hughie. He meets a man by the name of Butcher and together they unravel such atrocities by the heroes that they can’t even imagine. While that is happening, a girl named Annie was giving the prize of a lifetime, to join the superhero group as a superhero. She then discovers it isn’t what she thought it will be.

You will need to see this whole show to grip its intensity!


You can watch The Boys now on Amazon Prime here: