The Bloody Man Review

The Blood Man is a retro 80’s style film by Daniel Benedict starring Tuesday Knight and Lisa Wilcox. A story of a family who has lost their mother and are dealing with a new stepmother. Sam the youngest son is still not over the death of his mother and is very guarded. The stepmother tries to deal with them but is not getting anywhere with the kids. Sam is writing a story for his school project about the Bloody Man story based on his favorite toys which come with a comic book.

Things are not going so smooth at his home his father must leave on a work trip and they will stay with the stepmom for the first time alonw. Sam in reading his comic unleashes The Bloody Man in his house. He takes over his stepmom and now things are getting bad at home. The siblings must learn to trust and help each other to beat the Bloody Man. Only Sam can stop him but must find the rest of the story to find how to end him.

A chance to bond and work together to fight the Bloody Man and save each other and the stepmother. They will learn she is not trying to replace their mother but she is there for them and love them. Sam must lead the fight as he is the one who summoned him to their home. Will he be able to stop him or not be sure to give this one a watch and see how Sam takes on The Bloody Man?

A real throwback to the 80s horror films I grew up with even with two scream queens Tuesday Knight and Lisa Wilcox. Best known for their roles in The Nightmare on Elms Street series. I give this one a 7 out of a 10 the story was a good one and had that 80s vibe in full force. It gave the feel of going and renting this film at blockbuster on a Friday night.  The story focuses on the kids in true retro 80s style they are the heroes in the film. This one is a must-watch for horror fans be sure to check this one out.