The Bat Signal Shined Bright For Alamo City Comic Con Halloween Edition 2019


The crowds were lined up and waiting anxiously for the command to go up the escalator. Every floor had lines of people waiting to go up to the 4th floor.  The 4th floor ballroom at Grand Hyatt has been transformed into an epic scene from every comic fan’s dream. Alamo City Comic Con has brought their Halloween Edition to San Antonio for an exciting weekend of cosplay, celeb guests, comics, and much more. We stayed all 3 days and here is my short review of the convention. All photos and videos will be posted to FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.

There were some amazing celeb guests attending the event such as Jonny Cruz, Veronica Taylor, Jyoti Amge, Rob Wiethoff and many more. The guests were very interactive with the fans and many including Tony Daniels were having fun with the fans. We were able to talk to Tony, and be serenaded by him during the interview.  We were able to interview nearly all celeb guests and they were such amazing people to talk to.

Team Shenanigans Esports and Gaming Venue provided some epic tournaments for people attending the convention. They had Smash Brothers, MK11, and Fortnite tournaments going on during the weekend. Many fans were able to play on the computers or the Nintendo Switch during the tournaments. This gaming component was very interesting during the convention and provided a fun entertainment for gamers attending ACCCHE.

Now our focus on Saturday and excitement was for Michael Keaton, who making his first con experience ever at Alamo City Comic Con. We were able to shoot his panel and of course meet the man himself. Many fans attending were treated to something so rare that you didn’t want to say his name 3 times. ACCCHE brought in Michael Keaton on Saturday and the place was packed to the brim as everyone wanted to meet the icon and get something memorable from him.

All in all, the convention was unique, fun and someplace where the whole family can enjoy. They had fantastic artists, cosplayers, celeb guests, vendors, and more attending the convention. People were treated with a rare sighting at a convention with Batman and Beetlejuice star Michael Keaton. Alamo City Comic Con brought a fun event to Grand Hyatt with the Halloween Edition.