The Ascent Xbox Series S Review

Cyberpunk World? You got me! This next game is filled with lore, steam punk and twin stick shooting! The Ascent is something gamers are missing when they hear the word Cyberpunk!

I was able to download The Ascent quite quickly on my Xbox Series S as it was only 17 gigs. Then, I put my headset on and started to play the main mission first before checking out the online capabilities. I won’t spoil much of the game but get your hands on it as its out on Xbox Game Pass.

Here is the review:


  • Gunfight
    • I enjoy playing twin sticks shooter games! This game provided that same enjoyment as I have fun completing quests and the game overall. You can feel the power from the guns when you kill everything!
  • Online
    • I like to play online with friends or competitive quests. The Ascent provided that capability where the fun never stopped! I felt it was much easier to play online than on a solo mission. The fun factor brought that out even more with friends.
  • Story
    • You are caught in a situation where the The Ascent Group shuts down and you have to find out why. You hack your way, talk to various people, and of course kill everything that comes at you. I dig the sci fi lore you learn throughout the game is fantastic!


  • Buggy
    • Towards the end of the game, it was getting a bit buggy and wasn’t able to complete a side quest. This was a turnoff for me as I couldn’t see what happens after that side quest is complete.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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