The Ambassador Fractured Times Demo Review

The ambassador is a 2D, fast pace, magical adventure that you will not be able to put down once you start. From the time that you start the game to the time that finish the demo, I had noticed that I just wanted more and more.  Considering it is a demo, I knew that it was going to sadly end but with the challenge that this game brings. It was well worth it.  

As you start your adventure, you start off as a beginner mage that is just learning how to use his powers. The controls and tutorial of this game as really easy to learn and anyone would be able to pick it up. I really enjoyed leveling up my character after each level. At the end of each section you are given a new weapon or armor to switch between before a level starts to better equip you with for the next journey to come.  

Most of the levels that I did play were not as hard as I expected them to be but I assume that when the full game comes out you will be able to make it a little more challenging. What was the most challenging for me was the final boss to this demo. Everything that had learned was really put to the test and I had to learn to wait for the right moment to strike. Health was definitely important to have on hand when going toe to toe with the final boss.  

 The music that was put into the game also had me motivated to continue to progress. I am one of those gamers that needs a good soundtrack to keep me intrigued and I will have to say I loved the soundtrack that is in the game. I just wanted to keep going and for it never to stop.  

As a whole this game has so much to offer and if you play enough you will notice there are some secrets that will want to go back and try to figure out for extra loot. We loved testing it as Pax East but at playing here at home was a such enjoyable experience and we want to say thank you.