The Accents releases new single “Talk It Over”

The Accents have released their latest single titled Talk is Over! The song is brewing various beats into a HOT DELIGHT! The lyrics in this R&b song really hits home when you really think about it. You remember a time when you know you had to tell yourself to do better and more not only with your life but with love. You sip this song slowly as you let it take over your ears.

Listen Here:

Press Release:

Good things take time to develop and The Accent’s forthcoming Still On Film EP is no exception. Co-produced by Mike Brandolino (of rising Canadian indie-pop group Valley), the EP is a collection of stories navigating self-doubt set to shimmery synth lines and punchy samples that weave in and out of driving 808 beats.


According to the band this latest song is about: “That feeling when you remember something that has happened or something that was said in the past and you can’t help but think: “What was I thinking?” or “Why did I say that?”. We all have a thousand moments like this and it’s important not to get too wrapped up in them. We can always do better, improve on our mistakes and learn from them. Most people don’t remember any of your regrets or mistakes because they’re busy worrying about their own. Basically, being aware of the fact that we can always improve and do better than we did yesterday is what inspired this song.