TERRENCE615 new track titled New Season is out now!

Obsessed with melodies and emotions, TERRENCE615 is a Pop/R&B artist from Nashville, Tennessee. Through open-ended phrases and blissful production, he aims to express his genuine feelings. Terrence brings a breath of fresh air to the atmosphere with his new release ‘New Season’. Radiating euphoria from the outset, ‘New Season’ is an empowering track that takes the listener on a reflective journey. ‘New Season’ is part of TERRENCE615’s EP ‘Air, Angels, & Afterthoughts’. 

TERRENCE615 on the meaning behind the track:

“New Season is packaged nostalgia and is a reminder to look back at how much progress you’ve made!

 I think the reason the lyrics for this song came about was due to the fact of feeling so down about not making progress with the song we were first working on and then feeling a burst of inspiration from the fresh new sounds. It was a huge feeling of nostalgia because I was looking back but thinking forward at the same time.


Initially working alongside producer Zach Jrdn on a different song for the EP frustrations set in when the track wasn’t getting anywhere. This spurred the pair on to just have fun and create a fresh new beat. It wasn’t planned to be released as part of the EP but when Zach found the first melody, TERRENCE615 heard its potential and thus ‘New Season’ was born.


With humble beginnings growing up in the woods of Tennessee, TERRENCE615 wasn’t allowed to listen to much more than Christian music and some current pop music. Coming from a family of strong Christian values, TERRENCE615 has always shared the faith. Despite his love and respect for his parents and their traditions, TERRENCE615 felt compelled to push boundaries. He began listening to hip-hop and rap music, which initially got him in trouble but eventually, his parents accepted his connection with different styles of music when he began making his own music. TERRENCE615 credits his upbringing to making him the balanced and unique artist he is today.


Outside of music, TERRENCE615 has a streetwear brand called Humble Days Clothing and has plans to merge his brand and his music together in the near future. His love for designing came from his expertise in graphic design. TERRENCE615 designs all of his own cover art and promotional materials. 


“This is a part of the process that I enjoy the most because I know what emotions are in my songs so it’s a whole experience to bring that to life digitally. It’s just another genuine piece of me that helps keep everything even more cohesive.”


For TERRENCE615, being vulnerable is what makes the best music. His authentic approach creates a sense of relatability while still maintaining unique levels of creativity. Get lost in the melodies.