Television’s Next Unlikely Hero Bojack Horseman

When you think of Television and the shows that are mass produced, you see an aura of stories told through the lineage of the show. You wouldn’t believe when you watch that show, you could place yourself inside the shoes of one of the characters. You would understand if you were in their shoes, you would have experienced something remotely similar to bond with that character.

Well this character, you don’t want to bond with. You don’t want to talk with or even drink with. Yet when you watch the show, you can feel his feelings, you can see his sadness and remotely, you cry for him since he couldn’t cry through his hardships.

Bojack Horseman is the hero that television needs at this moment. Bojack is the hero we all need in this PC society to become one again. Our society has faltered through a sense where we can feel a feeling, we can do something and experience repercussions or mistakes, or even help someone in need.  Bojack experiences the life that we all run away from and shun because we need our safe spots. We all have to be safe but in this world, inorder to survive, we need to have risks in order to build a future.

When you watch the show, you are stunned at the life Bojack leads after his famous sitcom is cancelled years ago. You watch him struggle to write his book, struggle to interact with friends, and struggle for his mother’s affection. You watch him tell multiple stories of how he had to figure himself out but its taken a toll of him. The toll it takes speaks volumes with the people he interacts with and the people that need to be around him in order to feel sane again.

When you have a chance to binge on a show, take the weekend off and watch the Bojack Horseman show on Netflix. With season 1 done, you will decide if you want to continue going down the rabbit hole but then curiosity will take over and you will continue. Once you finish Season 4, you will need to go outside, hug your family, and regain your composure. This show will get your feelings in haywire but have you see the world differently through the eyes of Bojack Horseman.