Teddi Gold – Video Games

Teddi Gold is a welcomed creative presence in the pop world, crafting infectious and bold songs that set themselves apart from traditional Top 40 fare. “My music is intentionally designed to be a Trojan horse for serious themes to infiltrate the listener’s unconscious,” Teddi explains. “The idea is to wrap these weighty subjects in a digestible format.”

Teddi’s unconventional take on pop music stems from a unique upbringing, growing up on a remote island in the Caribbean with her dad and his partner. Isolated from mainstream culture, she developed a strong sense of self, which can be felt in her distinctive and original musings. Earlier this year she began working with lauded producers Josh Zegan (Greyson Chance) & Jorge Lanzas (The Kooks) as well as Ish Cano (Drake Bell) & Keith Hetrick (Charlie Wilson) to bring her self-titled debut EP to life.

The initial singles from the EP have already won the attention of numerous tastemakers including The 405 and Going Solo (drawing comparisons to Sia and Lily Allen) and have been championed by Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Poptronix playlists. In a short amount of time, Teddi has gained traction within industry circles near and far, resulting in sync deal with Pick & Mix Music and finding champions with WMFO Boston Radio, the Music You’re Missing podcast, and The Mike Rogers Show (the most followed radio personality in Tokyo.)