TapTap Presents to Feature Game World Premieres, Reveals from DeNA, Mihoyo on July 23

Torchlight: Infinite, Genshin Impact, and more to debut content updates in online event with 10 million viewers
THE CLOUD – July 6, 2022 – TapTap Presents, the digital showcase connecting gaming fans worldwide and earning more than 10 million views in 2021, returns with its third event introducing world premieres of new games and updates for popular titles on Saturday, July 23, 4:00 a.m. PDT. Watch the show live on YouTubeTwitchFacebook, and the TapTap App.
The hour-long broadcast will feature more than 20 games including significant new content updates for Genshin Impact, Wuthering Waves, Torchlight: Infinite, and others; alongside reveals from partners including DeNA and Mihoyo; as well as special segments from the talent bringing these games to life.
The inaugural TapTap Presents in 2021 spotlighted more than 20 cross-platform and mobile titles, including updates from star franchises including Hearthstone: MercenariesLeague of Legends: Wild RiftMARVEL Super War, and APEX Legends Mobile; the premiere of Soul Knight Prequel, exciting news from Neon Abyss: Infinite, and many more. Previous TapTap Presents have always been packed with valuable game plays and fresh information for gamers all around the world; this year will be no exception.
“We share our love and passion for games by introducing exceptional titles to gamers through TapTap Presents,” said Huang Yimeng, Co-Founder and CEO of XD Inc. responsible for the production of TapTap Presents. “It is through the joint efforts of TapTap and XD Inc. that we are able to produce and amplify games with the level of quality we ourselves desire.”
TapTap is a one stop hub for mobile gaming and community bonding through open player to player, and player to developer connections. Gamers can climb active leaderboards as well as reserve, download, rate, and discuss their favorite mobile games with developers who regularly engage in the community. The platform’s dedicated team is committed to providing consistent support for games living on TapTap and ensures that all profits are rightfully given to their developers to support the improvement of their games. All resources are properly allocated to uphold the standard of the games within the community.
TapTap Presents’ broadcast will begin on Saturday, July 23, 4:00 a.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. CST) via YouTube, Twitch, and TapTap App in English and Chinese, with a rebroadcast available later on YouTube.
Outlets and content creators interested in co-broadcasting TapTap Presents 2022 can sign up here to register their interest with incentives available for those who register.
For more information, please visit the official website, follow TapTap on Twitter and Facebook, join the community on Discord, and search for #TapTapPresents on social media.
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