Step into the Emmy-award winning world of The Dragon Prince with Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game, releasing in 2022! At PAX Unplugged, be among the first to discover your own Xadian character with a guided character creation workshop and sneak-peek. Will you create a Katolian noble, or a Moonshadow assassin? A Neolandian dark mage, or a Skywing thief? Explore vast possibilities as you create a character that feels like they belong on the screen with Callum, Rayla, and all your favorites from The Dragon Prince. When you leave, you’ll have a character in hand and be prepared to begin your own Tales of Xadia.

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Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game is built with Cortex Prime, a world-building tabletop RPG system from the creators of D&D Beyond where you and your players choose the genre, build the game, and forge the story from a set of modular rule mechanics. Cortex Prime helps you create a one-of-kind experience tailored to the way you and your friends like to play to bring to life an experience you will never forget. Cortex Prime offers the options you need to harness the power of your imagination and inspire new stories, from single session one-shots to epic adventures spanning years. The game is easy for everyone to play and rewarding to master with hundreds of modular, customizable components.


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