Takeover’s new EP “Peak of Her Power” Out Now!

Takeover’s new EP titled Peak of Her Power is out now! Peak of Her Power is a 3 song EP with a life loving vibe attached to it. Takeover’s EP has an explosive usage of music from the strumming of their guitars to the beat from the drums. You feel like your at a local bar enjoying a few drinks while a band like Takeover plays a song here or there that takes you into a moment of bliss. Peak of Her Power, while only 3 songs deep, is an EP that will take you out of your element with a few songs that speak to your soul.

listen here:


The group shares of the EP:
“These are songs built and constructed at our rehearsal space on 8th avenue in Midtown. They have this certain energy about them and that was done on purpose. We write songs with a live audience in mind, so if a song won’t get the room going on a Saturday night, we most likely will shelve it.  These 3 songs on Peak Of Her Power were written about being alive in your 20s and loving every second of it. The optimism of youth, the beauty of falling in and out of love, and the hedonistic excesses of feeling alive.”
From start to finish the EP will entice you with every listen. Quickly becoming one of the hottest indie bands that New York has seen in the past 5 years, Takeover are ready to conquer the world, one note at a time.