Take a Walk in the Shoes of a Game Developer in this Behind the Scenes Dev

Producer Pedro Bastos says, “I don’t think there is a big game out there that wasn’t born from a crazy idea.” In DOLMEN’s case, that couldn’t be more true! In the beginning, the small group of friends that would become Massive Work Studio had naysayers telling them to “start with a simple game,” but that just wasn’t an option for the team. They dreamt of DOLMEN and DOLMEN coalesced. Still, the team at Massive Work Studio faced their fair share of uphill battles.

The team began with an idea — a game they wanted to bring to life and call their own. Now, over a year and a Kickstarter campaign later, Massive Work has created not only something that they own, but a project that everyone who had faith in it owns. The team has seen employees come and go, but at its core, Massive Work Studio has remained steadfast in what they wanted DOLMEN to be: something wonderfully unique for all to enjoy and have a hand in creating.

View the DOLMEN: Dev Diary Vlog video here:

[YouTube] uberstrategist.link/DOLMEN-KS4YT

For readers just tuning in, DOLMEN is a chilling space horror Action RPG that challenges players to adapt to survive against harsh elements and sinister monstrosities belonging to a hostile alien world. Some have described it as “Dark Souls meets Dead Space,” as the team aims to create a terrifying new game in the Soulsborne genre. To learn more about DOLMEN and details about the Kickstarter campaign, please visit http://kck.st/2q7wEUf.

Although the end of its Kickstarter draws near, it is merely the beginning of DOLMEN’s journey. Once developer Massive Work Studio reaches their initial $90,000 funding goal, DOLMEN will be available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 in late 2019 (a Nintendo Switch version is an early stretch goal).