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Over Twenty New Jigsaw Puzzles Arrive at is happy to announce the arrival of 22 new 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles. Popular puzzle designs include puzzles inspired by 2020, a variety of fantasy scenes, colorful food items, and international landscapes. Inspired by the popular Tiger King TV series well-known for its bizarre and wild moments, this hilarious King Of The Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle will put your skills […]

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Be a Master of Disguise this Halloween with! has officially announced its 2020 Costume Launch. In time for Halloween, this launch includes hundreds of pop culture costumes showcasing the best/funniest parts of 2020. With costumes for all members of your family, has a full collection of infants, toddlers, children, men’s, and women’s costumes from Marvel, Disney, Starwars, and more. buy your […]

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Tiger King – Netflix Review

I haven’t traveled through any rabbit holes lately but with all this commotion of Joe Exotic and the documentary called Tiger King on Netflix, I decided to take my shirt off and binge watch this show. Quite honestly, I thought what I was going to watch was something funny yet intriguing because of the multiple […]