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Mark Sable and Chris Anderson Launch a Kickstarter Campaign for CHAOTIC NEUTRAL

An Oversized Comic Book First Issue and Adventure Module Inspired By the Old School Fantasy RPGs that Scared a Nation   Featuring a Chick Tract-styled Comic by Ryan Browne   And Trading Cards by Superstar Artists Max Dunbar, Jeremy Haun, Maan House, Jeff Johnson, Tom Neely, Dan Panosian, Jim Rugg, Tim Seeley and Kyle Strahm […]

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The Ultimate PvP Tournament Returns to Old School RuneScape Today with the Revival of Deadman: Reborn

Old School RuneScape’s punishing PvP tournament returns today with the introduction of Deadman: Reborn. The competitive survival mode is back featuring drastic changes and offering an experience like nothing else in Old School RuneScape. The Old School RuneScape team have been busing levelling up the experience since its predecessor. Bringing higher risk, serious reward gameplay and forcing players into an […]

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Cool Music Video by Apocraphe for his track Mighty Like Guybrush

A Leicester native and now French resident, Apocraphe was a primal force in Midlands hiphop in the early 2000’s. Despite decades in the artform, or perhaps because of it, his form of lyricism remains fresh and relevant, and his new album ‘The Escapist Handbook’ touches on every element of hip hop from boombap to drill, […]

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Retro Shoot ’em Up Habroxia 2 is Preparing for Launch!

In case you missed it, we are ramping up for release of Habroxia 2, Lillymo Games’ next entry in their retro shoot ’em up series, coming to PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC/Steam on February 3rd! Eastasiasoft will publish Habroxia 2 on PS4/Vita in Asia/Japan as digital & physical editions. We will also handle porting & worldwide […]

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Non-Stop, Genre-Defying Retro Thrill Ride, Speed Limit, Dashes onto PC & Consoles in Early 2021!

Bringing together 6 classic arcade genres into one seamless action-filled ride, Speed Limit is fast-paced action at its best. Zagreb, Croatia – December 3rd, 2020 — Publisher Chorus Worldwide Games and developer Gamechuck are thrilled to announce their fast-paced, genre-defying homage to the arcade action of old, Speed Limit, will be arriving on Steam, PlayStation 4 (playable on 5), Xbox One/S/X, and […]

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Enjoying the Underground – Desh Music Review

The sounds of the streets speak in languages many don’t understand and comprehend. The language is shared by the few that are aware of the meanings and translations. The sounds and stories are captured through the verses of the next album by Desh. The album speaks of enjoyment, pleasure and deploying the languages spoken to […]