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LOST Collage Puzzle Toynk Review

LOST is a TV show that opened up viewers minds to a possibility that many didn’t realize. We have seen the shows and movies where your stuck on a deserted island after a plane crash without any help. Even though this idea was used before, the writers and directors went beyond that for the premise […]

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Christmas in July Gift Guide 2020

With the heighten cases of COVID-19, industries have been at stand still. Many companies are going under and people are losing jobs left and right. When we were creating this gift guide, we are providing opportunities for companies to showcase any products they have to fans around the world. Our website numbers are now tripling […]

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Corazon Tequila Reposado Product Review

For those summer bliss’s, we like to encourage our family and friends to some good old get-together’s to relax and enjoy each other’s companies. As for the Drop The Spotlight team, we like to sit down, plan our next move and drink as we decide on how to shape the world once more. We were […]