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Thank You We Hit Our 2020 Goal of 100,000 Website Views in One Year

Back in 2012, I started to scratch the surface of wanting to start a website. I remember creating a WIX website, a very simple and unique website at the time, to help promote my friends music. After about a year and half, I put that on the side and continued on my education at UTSA. […]

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Wonder Women of Paranormal Interview Comic Con at Home 2020

Here is the interview with Vic from Drop The Spotlight with paranormal investigators and researchers Amy Bruni (“Kindred Spirits”) and Katrina Weidman (“Portals to Hell“), paranormal explorer Chelsea Laden (“Destination Fear“) and psychic medium Cindy Kaza (“The Holzer Files”).   Operator – Again, if you’d like to ask a question, please press star one on your telephone keypad, and I will access your […]

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Population Zero: The Quest of a Lifetime

A short guide to quests in the world of Population Zero For many games, quests are an essential gameplay part which introduces us to the basic mechanics and game features, teaches us how to use abilities. They also guide us through the plot and motivate to explore the in-game world. And though it’s not necessary […]

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A Look At Germany By DarthyDay

This last Christmas, my boyfriend and I decided to visit my family in Germany. Since this was his first time there, it was very interesting seeing his reaction to the cultural differences and similarities that we share. So, I figured to write down our adventure to share with you and brag about my home country. […]

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$10 Amazon Summer Giveaway

Summer is now coming into the view and so has Drop The Spotlight’s newest and next contest! We want to make sure you have a cool item in your cart to get using this prize we have! We are giving away an Amazon Gift Card worth $10 and you can get some good things online! […]

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Hearthstone’s Future: Does it bode ill without Brode’s will?

This is a repost from Toynk Author FUSROHDAN and check out the original article here: Eric Dodds and Ben Brode Dodds and Brode worked side by side to create Hearthstone, but it was Brode that ended up taking over as the Game’s Director, whilst Dodds has all but disappeared from the public eye. If Dodds did move […]

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Fan Expo Dallas Excites The Crowds With A Fun Family Time

The rapid succession of families descending to Kay Hutchinson Convention Center was astonishing. The swarms of people, mostly dressed in cosplay attire, reach the convention center with stars in their eyes. The journey for them to make it to Fan Expo has been accomplished!