Tactigon showcasing a tech revolution at CES 2022

[Milan, Italy], [December 2021] – Tactigon has been chosen by European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) as highly promising and innovative Italian Company to be featured in the EU’s official pavilion at CES 2022!

The countdown has started! In one month the CES 2022 doors will open and Tactigon is ready to live this new adventure.

After the ending of the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for Tactigon SKIN Reload, the team has been dedicating itself body and soul to all the necessary activities to complete the project, even if it has been facing the global difficulties related to the components shortage.

In the meantime, Tactigon Team’s work has certainly not stopped and now Tactigon is turning to also the B2B world, proposing itself as the re-inventor of human-machine interfaces.


“The ability to control device with gestures and voice has a broad range of application in IoT and beyond.

Natural User Interface is new way for interaction with digital world”

Our goal is to become the n°1 in voice and gesture recognition technology. For this reason we work “thinking universal”: our technology is useful in many applications (robotics, 3d modelling, medical, sports, gaming) and for this reason it has been designed to be adaptable to multiple interfaces and operating systems, in order to be implemented in devices such as controllers, watches, gamepads, PCs, robots, robot arms, etc.


Currently on the market there is no single technology able to transform the way human and machine interface occurs in different sectors (3D modeling for automotive, gaming, robotics, medical), such as Tactigon.

Tactigon technology is a series of software and smart devices able to satisfy various industries. With focus on the needs in the 3D modeling field, we have built the first programmable, AI-driven, universal wearable-gesture and software with voice controller: a wireless, ergonomically designed wearable (placed on the palm of the hand) controller. We enable, for the first time, fast and precise AI-driven voice and gesture

recognition in any environment and condition (no specific lab or camera driven set needed).

This allows 3D modeling professionals to sketch and design ideas more precisely and time-effectively (workflow mprovement).

The revolution in all this is the scalability to multiple settings (industrial, medical, robotics, etc.) because we incorporate a software layer, which allows the technology to be customizable to any desired sector.


The gesture- and voice-controlled wearable technology is the next step in the evolution of human-computer interaction and has the potential to free users from tedious interface methods like mouse and keyboards through natural user interfaces. Natural interfaces par excellence are gestures and voice; this is the most natural way for men to interact with machines. This opens the use of digital to many more people and enables new business models. Over the course of history we have gone from computers used through command lines, then Apple introduced mice and window interfaces, finally in the last 20 years there was the revolution of smartphones through touch screens. The next step will be the improvement of technology, command by voice and the introduction of freehand gestures without the need for other tools around. This transition is especially relevant in the 3D-modeling Computer Aided Design (CAD) industry (e.g., animation, and product visualization), in order to quickly and comfortably express designs and visualize ideas.


Tactigon technology is for everyone!