Boundary recently announced as one of the winners of the recent DXR Spotlight contest

Guangdong – China, January 14th, 2020 – Chinese Independent developer, Surgical Scalpels today recently revealed their impressive RTX tech demo which showed off the potential possibilities of added realism in their tactical Multiplayer FPS, Boundary.

With the team’s aspirations to provide the best In-game realism and visual perception in an environment where both lighting and surface reflections require different texture effects, developer Surgical Scalpels presented their example of the potential of real-time ray tracing in Boundary at the DXR Spotlight contest in China.

Check out the RTX Demo video here
Boundary was one of the winners of the contest which saw several developers compete in building tech demos in Unreal Engine 4.22 featuring Microsoft DirectX 12 and DirectX Raytracing. The NVIDIA RTX platform includes a ray tracing technology that brings real-time, cinematic-quality rendering to content creators and game developers.
“Highlighting even the smallest detail as well as the subtle application of reflections and global illumination, the development team wanted to implement a sense of realism in the tech demo to draw the viewer into a believable world.” Said Frank Mingbo Li, Technical Director at Surgical Scalpels.

“As a team we’re interested in how Boundary could support RTX and we’ll be co-ordinating with NVIDIA and AMD at how we can potentially add ray tracing to the game post launch” added Frank Mingbo Li.

Boundary’s impressive space environments feature a variety of orbiting space structures across a variety of multiplayer maps providing players with a challenging environment to move around as they engage in fierce combat in an unprecedented omnidirectional shooting experience.

Boundary will be launching on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2020 and a launch date will be announced in the coming weeks.

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