“TACTICAL MONSTERS” Watch the Short Film on the Story behind the Tactical Monsters Invasion!


Watch the Short Film on the Story behind the

Tactical Monsters Invasion!



JULY 31, 2018 – Camex Games announced today that their Tactical Role Playing Game has been updated with a NEW SHORT FILM explaining why all the monsters are in one place.

A time warp was opened by the goblin Dr. Walter, a mad scientist who wanted to fulfill his dreams of traveling the universe… But now, instead of him going to see the universe, monsters from different universes have come to him!

Help Dr Walter regain control of the world as he travels the wilderness, from green plains to arid deserts and cursed lands!


During your journey, meet the monsters that have entered through the time portal. Tame them by unleashing your ultimate skills.




Use different tactics to defeat your opponents and collect legendary chests containing new monsters and rare resources!


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Improve and expand your team of Monsters and prove you are a true master!

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Unlock many game modes:


  • Join the academy and learn to master your Monsters.

  • Survive in guerrilla mode and fight 20 legendary bosses in a row.

  • Protect and harvest your resources in mine defense.

  • Climb the Rumble tower and test your tactical limits.

  • Join a clan and participate in events to unlock the biggest clan chest with your friends!

  • Take part in the E-sport arena, fight against opponents with a capped level for everyone and try to win new monsters for FREE!


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Sharpen your tactical skills and battle with your monsters in the global PVP arena in real time! Learn to master the rarity limitation system and advance through 15 arena levels to claim legendary treasures!


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Join the ever-changing world of Tactical Monster Rumble Arena and collect over 45 monsters available in this ONLINE ADVENTURE!

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CAMEX GAMES is an indie studio with a core focus on tactical RPG gameplay. Camex Games uses its technological strength to develop and publish games across multiple platforms using a variety of technology. Camex Games’ titles has been globally featured by Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Steam, Kongregate, Facebook, and more. Camex Games was also previously featured on Google I/O as a case study.


Watch the Tactical Monsters trailer: https://youtu.be/vX7EDA8mHkE


Download image assets for Tactical Monsters of our new update: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M8g9Bi2GammPf3e8uUkUH-wBuHuu83d4

TACTICAL MONSTERS RUMBLE ARENA is available on the Google Play storeApple App StoreMac App Store and Steam.

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