Tabletop Tactics: Side by Side with Legendary Marvel Featuring Blade and Daredevil

Tabletop Tactics: Side by Side with Legendary Marvel Featuring Blade and Daredevil


Today we have a Marvel Knights showdown as the Daywalker takes on the Man Without Fear in the series where I determine who is the better choice to recruit early in the game and later in the game. I’ll try my best to keep the focus based solely on their own merits as we can’t always pick the heroes they fight alongside nor the schemes and masterminds that may affect them.

“Stalk the Prey” Blade vs “Backflip” Daredevil

Early Game – Blade is a solid recruit at 2 attack power for 3 cost, but his ability doesn’t really contribute much. Early in the game it will be hard to use this ability barring some good luck and better draws. Daredevil’s Backflip ability works fantastic on its own. He can easily jump start your strategy by placing the heroes you recruit right on top of your deck to practically guarantee you drawing that card the following turn. Advantage: Daredevil 3 points

Late Game – Late game Blade suffers from still being too dependent on other cards to work, but at least he may be a little more consistent if you had been recruiting the right cards early in the game. Daredevil doesn’t seem to lose pace, however, and that is the true clincher in this series. Late game you should be able to recruit more powerful heroes, so the potential to just keep stacking your deck with the right card can be a game changer. Advantage: Daredevil 3 points

“Night Hunter” Blade vs “Radar Sense” Daredevil

Early Game – Night Hunter works much better on his own and may not even need help from other heroes to trigger his ability to give you an extra 2 recruit power. Daredevil’s Radar Sense is also a very solid choice as you can consistently bank on calling “zero” to give him a 2 attack power boost. Out of these two cards Daredevil seems to be the more consistent of the pair. It’s very possible for Daredevil to take out henchmen all on his own whereas Blade will definitely need help to do so. Advantage: Daredevil 3 points

Late Game – Blade’s versatility seems to have the edge here as Daredevil may lose momentum due to the randomness of his power. The villains taking over city spaces are a natural part of the game that doesn’t require outside influence to have villains on the Sewers or Rooftops, and Daredevil definitely needs outside help to peek at the top card of your deck or stack it in the very least. Advantage: Blade 3 points

“Nowhere to Hide” Blade vs “Blind Justice” Daredevil

Early Game – At this point of the game the city spaces will usually be crawling with villains making Blade a very solid pick to recruit early on. Daredevil on the other hand will only draw you half the cards that Blade can, but he does have an extra attack power which seems to make these two cards very balanced. However, I am going to give Blade the advantage here as the extra card will help you cycle through your deck a little quicker to get those recruited heroes in your discard pile into action faster. Advantage: Blade 2 points

Late Game – Another interesting matchup as the city spaces should have less villains on it rendering Nowhere to Hide a little useless. Although I have played games where we easily ramp up and begin taking down the Mastermind and don’t even bother with the villains on the board allowing Blade to clean house. But I think that’s too dependent on what other players are strategizing. Blind Justice suffers from the same thing as Radar Sense, it relies too much on luck and/or other cards to work. I’ll take Blade at this stage in the game. Advantage: Blade 2 points

“Vampiric Surge” Blade vs “The Man Without Fear” Daredevil

Early Game – Drawing Blade too early is counterintuitive as he may only contribute a small amount of attack power. Daredevil can run away with the whole game all by himself. His 7 attack power is no joke, and the fact that he can draw an insane number of cards is nutty. Hint: call “zero” as the number and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Advantage: Daredevil 1 point

Late Game – Blade seems to get stronger as the game progresses assuming you haven’t had a string of bad luck throughout and have only been able to get a couple of villains for him to feed off of. Daredevil in the very least will always provide a very solid 7 attack. Coupled with an ability that can potentially draw you extra cards he seems like a no-brainer here too. Advantage: Daredevil 1 point

Final Totals

Blade 7 Daredevil 11. Blade almost made a comeback to tie it, but The Man Without Fear proved to be too legendary in the end. If you feel you would have made some different choices I would love to hear your take, so please feel free to leave a comment or find us on any of our social media channels below on the “About Me” section. Thanks for reading Legendary fans!

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