Tabletop Streamers, Upgrade Your Hardware! Read for More About the Tax Code Changes and Streamers

Hickory, NC – If your plans for 2018 include video streaming of tabletop games, you might want to call your accountant today. Carolina Game Tables announced a special $200 savings on orders of their Streamer Game Table between now and January 2, 2018 (use the coupon “GetStreaming”).

For more information about the Streamer Game Table and the special discount, visit Carolina Game Tables: Orders placed during this promotion should complete in mid-May 2018.

The discount is intended to help small businesses who plan to expand their streaming online in 2018. Changes to the tax code recently signed into law mean deductions for small businesses (including sole proprietorships, LLCs, and corporations) are more advantageous in 2017 than 2018. This is not intended as tax advice applicable for all situations—consult your accountant.

“We designed the Streamer Game Table to aid streamers in bringing tabletop gaming into mainstream media,” said designer and co-owner of Carolina Game Tables Clint Black. “We noticed the trend with Acquisitions Incorporated, then Geek & Sundry and so many more on Twitch…we saw how watching others play brought more people into the hobby, and we wanted to make it easier for the studios to set up a professional-looking streaming set.”

The Streamer Game Table has a unique trapezoid shape to keep line of sight open for all players around the table from most any angle along the long camera side. There are also wide edges for character sheets and player boards and to hide wires beneath. Beveled corners are designed for either clamp or pole mounts for cameras, microphones, or other accessories. All Carolina Game Tables include a table top. The undiscounted table price is $1999, or $2149 with 6 cup holders.

A final warning: this article does not constitute tax advice, always consult your accountant. But if you’ve been thinking about jumping into streaming in 2018, this might be the right time to leap!

About Carolina Game Tables

Carolina Game Tables is a family business using modern styling and manufacturing techniques to offer everyday tables which also serve as gaming tables at competitive prices. For more information, visit or contact Jodi Black, President, at [email protected]