Tabletop Simulator Review

Tabletop Simulator Review

Welcome back Templars! To another review from The Balanced Blade!

Today we are looking at fun choice for a gaming night, coming in from Berserk Games, Tabletop Simulator. Priced at 19.99, Tabletop Simulator is an interesting and wonderful take on the many physics sandbox games out there. Acting more as a platform than a game, you can play any type of table top game from the comfort of your own pc, and when we say any game, we mean any game. The limit is your imagination.


My experiences with Tabletop Simulator have always been good, from playing Yu-Gi-Oh with one friend to playing a 9-person game of Secret Hitler the simulator had a perfect game choice for every situation. All you needed to do is think of a game and download the assets in the Steam Workshop and voila you could play a game with your friends over the net.

The variety of games available was truly astonishing, the developers included a kit so that you can create your own games and models and the community took this concept and ran with it. So many models and games are available and bring to life many of the old table top games. For example, in a Pathfinder game you could have animated models and real time map creation with 3D terrain. Surely this would enhance that final boss fight you had planned for your party.


The amount of base actions you could do even without downloading anything was impressive. You could roll any kind of dice, spawn a deck of cards, just with those choices alone you can already play a large amount of games.

The physics did take a bit to get used to (with many dice and game pieces thrown off the table) but when you had mastered the controls the game moved seamlessly.

Bugs and Problems

There weren’t many problems with the simulator but on occasion the texture wouldn’t load on certain workshop items. This is more of a problem with the content creator rather than the simulator itself as it is with community created content.

In Conclusion

Tabletop Simulator is a great choice for gaming night with the family and friends. If you are a fan of tabletop gaming, I would wholeheartedly recommend getting this game. The limitless potential of this game makes it stand out amongst the crowd.

9/10 – Truly a kings blade.

I give this game such a high score because it delivers and exceeds on its promise of what it is, a simulator for tabletop game. As said before the sheer number of games and models already available within its community has so much quality within them that once you get this game you will have hours upon hours of fun.

Until next time templars… Strike true!

– Sol, Duke of Tabletop




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