Award-winning character actor and Bay Area native, Jonah Blechman, celebrates the release of four diverse yet dynamic projects over the first half of 2021, including the SXSW film SWAN SONG from Magnolia Pictures, the 15th Anniversary Director’s Cut release of his iconic queer cult comedy classic ANOTHER GAY MOVIE, the new dark comedy TV series PET PEEVES, and a turn in the horror comedy film CLAW.
To kick off the 2021 year, Blechman shares the screen alongside stars Udo Kier and Jennifer Coolidge in iconic director Todd Stephens (EDGE OF SEVENTEEN) newly SXSW premiered dramedy SWAN SONG, releasing fall of 2021 by Magnolia Pictures.
“I was thrilled to return to SXSW this year, and with Todd’s wonderful SWAN SONG”, said Blechman. “Working with Udo and Jennifer on what is surely Udo’s greatest role was a total pleasure and true honor.”
Blechman and Stephens will also see the re-release of their first collaboration, the breakout queer comedy ANOTHER GAY MOVIE, in celebration of the film’s 15 Year Anniversary. Releasing from Breaking Glass Pictures on April 27 (VOD) and May 4th (DVD), the cult comedy classic is sure to shock new audiences with this special Director’s Cut, complete with never-before-seen footage including icon Mink Stole in a homage to Coco Peru’s infamous monologue from the classic film TRICK – certain to please diehard fans.
“ANOTHER GAY MOVIE was one of my most outrageous performances in what I like to call my Queer protest films,” said Blechman. “I’m forever proud of the boundaries we broke that even today, have yet to be topped in the queer genre!”
(Jonah Blechman in “Pet Peeves”, “Another Gay Movie”)
On the small screen, Blechman takes the lead in the upcoming dark comedy TV series PET PEEVES, starring as Milton Michael, a newly paroled pet psychic who is determined to restart his career, only to discover the past won’t stay buried for long. Following neurotic pet parents and furry four-legged friends, the series premieres on global queer TV network Revry for National Pet Day, April 11th.
“I fell in love with playing Milton, the eccentric pet psychic ex-con in PET PEEVES”, shares Blechman. “The concept of going intimately into the lives of people and their pets totally hit my funny bone and was equally fascinating to explore. Oh, what our animals could tell about us!”
(Jonah Blechman in “For Spacious Sky” “Flytrap”, “Fall Time” )
Finally, to cap off the first half of 2021, Blechman will appear alongside a deadly prehistoric terror in the dinosaur horror feature CLAW. Directed by Gerald Rascionat (OPEN WATER 3: CAGE DIVE), CLAW will see a limited theatrical and home entertainment release this summer from ITN Studios.
“CLAW is a horror hybrid comedy with a dinosaur…what more can I say – absurd and hysterical!”
Raised in San Mateo, Blechman started his career dancing at the age of 3 with such studios like San Mateo’s Recreation Center, Kirpatrick’s School of Dance and Dance Arts Center Redwood City. At the age of 6, Blechman joined the San Francisco Ballet for over 8 years, performing such roles as the Nutcracker Prince. He appeared in over 40 commercials in the Bay Area and performed leading roles in Broadway By The Bay productions (then P.C.L.O.) before leaving San Mateo High School and moving to Los Angeles at age 16 where he continued to work in the entertainment industry. In 1999 Blechman starred in the Sundance winning film TREASURE ISLAND, a period piece on Treasure Island San Francisco. In 2004/5, Blechman starred in the San Francisco area produced HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH at the Victoria Theatre in the title role of Hedwig as part of the award winning Equity production. And in 2012, Blechman filmed the Northern California set FOR SPACIOUS SKY which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.
When Blechman moved down to Hollywood, his first role of note had him breaking boundaries by kissing Leonardo DiCaprio in the critically acclaimed THIS BOY’S LIFE alongside Robert DeNiro and Ellen Barkin. He has appeared in over 70 roles in film, television and stage, many of which have garnered awards and nominations at The Spirit Awards, Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, Outfest, Frameline and a Best Supporting Actor Award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. Blechman has acted opposite such industry greats as Mickey Rourke, Tobey Maguire, James Garner, Ann Margret, Nick Offerman and even RuPaul. Whether it’s comedy or drama, Blechman stands out with performances that ignites critics and moves audiences.
Facile with different disciplines, he learned sign language to perform in the groundbreaking Deaf West production of PIPPIN at L.A. ‘s renown Mark Tapper Theater. That work and his shepherding the arts for the disability community, gave him the honor of speaking in front of our nation’s Presidential Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
“My love of acting became rooted in its innate permission to be out of control in a controlled environment”, says Blechman. “That freedom and safety, satiates this inherent, passionate curiosity I have to experience and express humanity. And if I’m not exploring that through a character or in storytelling, then I’m powerlessly compelled to through my real life, through my own experience.”
This is true of Blechman, as his curiosities have led him to successfully dive deep into alternate life paths including being an ABT ballet dancer (trained by Baryshinkov), an Orthodox Jew, a fashion designer, a publicist, and a TV network entrepreneur – all facets culminating into a truly creative life. Blechman has just added directing to his repertoire, having directed the television show QUEERX LIVE! featuring Jennifer Lopez and President Joe Biden on National Coming Out Day. An advocate, Blechman continues to champion the queer community through his work with the global Queer TV network, Revry.
Once the pandemic subsides, Blechman is set to star in two feature films in Prague with award-winning director Wiktor Grodecki (MANDRAGORA), and is preparing to star in and direct his opus feature BALL ROOM.
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